why should we enroll in kkdm?

we provide exceptional infrastructure,dedicate faculty,based curriculum,creative teaching philosophy etc.

why send your child to kkdm?

your child learns to make friends,learns the important social skills of caring, sharing etc.our school's provide an enviroment of learning. our school are the best place for your child to start learing the important skill in life.
your child will feel comfortable in the presence of other children of the same age group.

Introduction To My School

Admission is open to all irrespective of caste & religion. minimum age of admission to playgroup is 2 year 8 months to nursary 3 years 8 months K.g. 4 years 8 months & fourth as on 31 march of the current year. admission form of playgroup to class 12 are available in the school office . admission form must be carefully filled by the parents & submitted in the school office with in a week. The last report card of all the student coming from other english medium school must be provided K.G onwards. Transfer certificate will be required later for class I and above.